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Hello there,

You may have noticed I have been a little quiet for a while. I was going to wait till I published this until things had settled down around us in the world, but since there doesn’t seem to be much respite sadly in the foreseen future, I thought I may as well continue what I had planned to do before this outbreak came upon on. That is share some new and exciting changes that I have been in the process of doing. One thing is for sure that there is never a perfect time for anything, life has its own agenda so we just have to go with it.

Cooking has been my creative outlet the past few years which was the driving force to starting this blog many years ago. My love of learning continues, forever trying to better myself with knowledge which I can then pass on to my family and beyond.  I plan to do more of it this year, I can’t promise there may not be moments where I go on hiatus for a few weeks as life as a Mum of 3, wife, business owner and daughter does create quite a busy schedule. I can promise you though that like the turn of the decade and in this current climate we are living in, the world is changing, we are all changing. Most wanting to learn how to be better, do better, live healthier not just for ourselves but for the people around us. So I have decided I will be writing to reciprocate this more but still sharing my most loved recipes that you come here for.

You may have noticed a change of name for starters. Yes I thought it was time, when I first started this blog many years ago it was fun and light hearted sharing recipes of mostly everything. As time went on my life shifted focus, after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, then soon following her brother, my young uncle of forty five with oesophagus and stomach cancer this really rocked my world. I began to see the world differently, especially food and hidden harmful ingredients. Being more aware what I was putting into and onto my body, my home and also for my young family. Over time I read, researched and became self educated on many topics surrounding healthy eating, and living a more natural based lifestyle where possible.

Our lives now on a daily consist of knowing what’s feeding us, nourishing our bodies,  and what is harmful in our lives.  This is something I practice with my family, teaching them what to eat, why we eat it and the effects it has on us. Hoping to give them as best head start to life as possible. Nutritious foods, eliminating refined sugar, preservatives, highly processed foods, harmful chemicals to avoid and look out for. With also a focus on exercise, sustainability, eco friendly options and the importance of  a good night’s sleep. A balanced lifestyle as a whole is essential in living well and sustaining it for the long term. It’s proven a positive mind contributes to a healthy life so taking time for yourself, having mindful moments is very beneficial too. We don’t have to be perfect all the time, I am definitely not, I too have days of overwhelming emotions and feel like devouring carbs like we on holidays in Italy. But finding the right balance is the key. Have a dessert and a wine and live a little. Being educated and aware makes you notice when living a little turns into over indulgence.

Green Leaf Living  will be an expression of this lifestyle and hopefully benefiting you in someway whether it be trying one of the delicious food recipes, learning about herbs and how to use them, traditional remedies, detoxifying your home and replicating a DIY natural product for body and home, using essentials oils to compliment your life or just listening to some wellness tips that help me live a more mindful and balanced life. In this ever changing and what seems overwhelming world we live especially with what is happening at the moment with Covid-19, we can only try our best to live as healthily and naturally as possible and that may be different for everyone. Taking care of ourselves has never been more important.

Follow along with me as I share my passion and life of all things food and wellbeing as I keep things real, honest and simple. I have some new exciting things to share with you, keeping things not too serious just fun and interesting. I hope you continue to love what I share and please leave me comments and share pics on socials so I know what you are enjoying and have tried it gives me so much joy. 

Much love

Caz ♥

Note: I am not a doctor or qualified professional. All recipes and advice given is from personal experience, for goodwill and should be used as a guide.  I do not claim to cure or heal but assist in your wellness. Information is always from reputable sources. If you suffer any illness, restrictions or are pregnant you should take that into consideration when making or using any products that it is suitable for your needs. Seek medical advice if needed.

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