Basic DIY Hand Sanitizer

In the midst of the world’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems that everyone has stocked up on hand sanitizer and left the shelves bare along with many other essential items, (not even going into the toilet paper frenzy). Putting much pressure on manufacturers to keep up with the demands.

Lucky for you there is a simple DIY solution to making your own hand sanitizer at home that is quite simple, made with alcohol and a few other ingredients. When in a situation where you can’t find a basin and running water to wash your hands which is always the recommended and prefered way to practice good hygiene, it is handy to have a bottle of sanitizer with you for those just in case moments.

Unfortunately rubbing alcohol has become scarce, as more people have turned to DIY in the past few weeks but any 70% proof clear alcohol is fine to use Vodka being an ideal replacement. Even if you can find two small hotel mini size bottles is ideal as you will only need 90ml.

Alcohol being the disinfectant in this recipe along with tea tree essential oil and aloe vera gel which contain antibacterial, antiviral properties. Vitamin E oil is optional, used to help the hands stay moisturised from drying out.

Basic DIY Hand Sanitizer

  • Difficulty: easy
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10-15 drop lavender essential oil (for fragrance)

3o drop teas tree essential oil

90ml rubbing alcohol or 70 proof (40%) vodka

30ml pure aloe vera gel or fresh plant extract

1/4 tsp (1.25ml) pure vitamin E oil- optional


Mix all the ingredients leaving alcohol last in a glass bowl. With small syringe press liquid into small squeeze bottles depending on size. Yield is approx 120ml.

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