Homemade Dumplings 3 ways

Since we have been in social Isolation for a few weeks now and the kids are still on school break, I have had a chance to make some recipes I usually wouldn’t get the time to make in the rush of normality. I know we are all getting a little bored not being able to get out in our familiar environment and the feeling of being stuck at home can be quite mentally challenging. I for one and like many have been using this time to get in the kitchen and cook more. It’s what I enjoy, a bit of distraction from the outside world it always has been my safe haven in times of stress. Focusing your mind solely into creating something especially from scratch is quite self satisfying, a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, the best part is you get to devour delicious food at the end of it.

Homemade bread has been most popular with everyone over the past week, all these closet bakers coming out from the wood works showing their baking skills with creating sourdough starters and step by step daily updates of the process. It is quite humbling to see really, how our lives have taken a step back to simpler times, appreciating the labour of love that is cooking.

Homemade dumplings

Though bread is a wonderful staple recipe to conquer and you may have already ticked that one of the achievement list but have you ever tried making your own dumplings?

They are actually not that difficult at all to make, and quite versatile with the fillings to suit your tastes. I am sharing three different varieties with you a seafood version, meat version and a vegetarian/vegan version. Explaining step by step directions of how to assemble them.


Zucchini & Corn Lunchbox Muffins



This would have to be one of my all time favourite kids recipes that I make almost every week. Originally a zucchini slice recipe that my mother passed on to me when I had children, now I have shared this with so many of my friends and now you all.

My kids just love having them as individual size muffins. It’s easy for them to eat and makes for a perfect lunchbox size snack. Another way of hiding those pesky veggies in a way they will love with sweet corn, ham, eggs and cheese. They don’t last too long in my house so making a double batch is necessary for me if you want them to longer. Freezer friendly, wrap them in cling wrap and pack them frozen by lunch time they will be thawed just in time to eat. (more…)

Pizza Scrolls

It’s a wet start to the Summer holidays and unfortunately it doesn’t look like its going to change anytime soon. The wet Summer storms may be more often than not over the Christmas break, at least the veggie patch will thrive with a good drink.


It was prefect weather however for baking up some easy kids lunch treats seeing as they are home for nearly two months I will have to have the pantry and fridge packed to the rafters. My boys have bottomless pits as stomachs, they are always hungry so having healthy homemade snacks at home is a must or I hear the ever so repetitive nagging of “Mum I’m Hungry!” (more…)

Nut-Free Lunchbox Apricot & Honey Oat Bars

It’s back to school time!

It was the first week back of term this week QLD and for the rest soon approaching. There was mixed feelings sending them on their merry way this week was a combination of excitement but also unwillingness to get back into the hectic routine. The hardest part of the holidays for me is always trying to keep the kids entertained. With three active boys can be some what difficult at times to keep up with their incessant amount of energy and boredom kicks in very quickly, which soon turns into mischief, fighting, whinging and tears.