Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Why You Will Never Go Back

Are you sick of plastic pegs that continuously break and never last?

Besides the negative environmental impact contributing to our worlds plastic waste and landfill, the amount of broken pegs that end up in the rubbish even the oceans each year is something you just don’t ever think about.

60 pack of stainless steel pegs by Activated Eco in plastic free packaging

I wanted to share this amazing eco friendly product with you that is an earth conscious solution to the annoying problem of plastic peg breakages. These stainless steel pegs by Activated Eco are guaranteed to last a lifetime!


Reusable Produce Bags by Ecobits

When the country went some what eco conscious with the one use plastic bag ban at supermarkets a while back, despite the fact that some consumers had a hissy fit because of their own inconvenience I for one couldn’t have been happier. Finally a positive step towards reducing the amount of plastic getting sent to landfill. Though we have yet a long way to go it’s a start in the right direction. I don’t I have to go on about the impact plastic is having on our environment, we are all pretty well informed and hopefully making small steps to contribute to a cleaner more waste free lifestyle.

The next thing i’d love to see enforced is the use of plastic produce bags and fruit and vegetable wrapping banned which seems to be in abundance in this present day and in my opinion totally unnecessary. If we have to bring our own shopping bags why can’t we bring our own reusable produce bags.