Lemon Balm The Calming Herb for Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia

Anxiety affects many people young and old. It is more than just worrying about your financially situation, stressed about work or not wanting to go to school. It is an overwhelming feeling that slowly becomes consuming in your everyday thoughts, actions and wellbeing. Anxiety effects your sleep, willingness to participate in group situations, avoiding social gatherings, making friendships, relationships, limiting your potential with a negative mindset, and increasing low self esteem.

Not that long ago anxiety wasn’t even spoken about, it was often misread as soft, naughty or defiant behaviours, dramatic or unsociable. Luckily nowadays there is so much more knowledge on the subject and the stigma has somewhat changed as we continue to learn more and more about mental health. Not just limited to adults the amount of children living with anxiety seems to be increasing each year.


What is Fire Cider & How Do I Make it?

I was going to leave this for a later date closer to the beginning of Winter but with all this talk of the Coronavirus I thought you may find this helpful to have it prepared a little earlier. I have been learning more about traditional herbs and plants and how they can be our natural medicine and help assist our body for wellness. Whilst doing so came across this popular recipe which seems quite fitting for us at the moment.



Immune Boosting Tonic


It’s well into the Winter season which means cold and flu season is upon us. I am a firm believer in food as medicine and using plants, herbs, oils to help heal ourselves and assist our bodies to what nature intended it to do. Especially to prevent the severity of viruses, because we all get sick from time to time.

If you are eating a relative healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables your body tends to fight off any nasty antibodies more quickly because your immune system kicks into gear fighting it off as soon as you start to feel run down. There are many ways we can assist our bodies to help us on the road to recovery quicker. (more…)