The Apothecary Co.

Hi there,

It has been a little while since posting here if you have been following my social account @greenleafliving you would have seen I have been a little pre-occupied over the past few months starting up this small business of mine The Apothecary Co.

I thought I’d share a bit about it on here as I know many of my subscribers aren’t on the social accounts but are dedicated followers of my blog. At the end of last year I decided to pursue extended learning in my passionate field of natural wellness. Herbalism is ancient tradition and yet seems so unknown by many in modern day times even to me to be frank I didn’t know a lot about herbs and their incredible natural healing powers and benefits. It was only when I dug a little deeper that I found the information I didn’t know at the time would lead me to study herbalism further.

I enrolled in a course to deepen my knowledge and now have become an enthused advocate. I have always for many years taken a natural approach in food and nutrition, also in the home with trying to eliminate toxic chemicals and products with a holistic approach and share so much with you on my blog. It is a never ending learning journey and one I have embraced with open arms. Yes studying can be challenging with work, family, young children but when you have a passion for something you find the time and doesn’t seem like a chore. You can’t wait to pick up the books and delve into the pages learning more and more with each chapter. As a creative person I have always struggled to stick to things I would get bored very easily, needing to constantly use my creative brain to make, design, discover new projects. Now I can do both! I love the experimental side of that herbalism has given me with the added outcome of benefiting health for myself and others.

Which comes to The Apothecary Co. I had so much interest in this field from family and friends asking me to share products with them so I decided to take a leap of faith and start a little small business, firstly starting out selling to mostly friends and family and have slowly as the word has spread friends of friends and customers alike. You will find I have varieties of Organic Herbal Tea Blends I have formulated for specific needs with also beautiful therapeutic Botanical Mineral Bath Soaks both relaxing and beneficial. I will continue to add and grow the lines as I do with many new ideas in mind.

Green Leaf Living has been a wonderful source of community with like minded people interested in gaining a more natural living lifestyle and I am grateful for the support and interest thus far. I will no doubt be continuing to share with you my recipes for home cooked nutritious meals, DIY home projects and organic living tips and from time to time share products for purchase. Articles in which to learn more about our plant world and how to use nature to support and enhance our wellbeing.

If you would like to check it out the link to the website is here.

Much Love,


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