Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Why You Will Never Go Back

Are you sick of plastic pegs that continuously break and never last?

Besides the negative environmental impact contributing to our worlds plastic waste and landfill, the amount of broken pegs that end up in the rubbish even the oceans each year is something you just don’t ever think about.

60 pack of stainless steel pegs by Activated Eco in plastic free packaging

I wanted to share this amazing eco friendly product with you that is an earth conscious solution to the annoying problem of plastic peg breakages. These stainless steel pegs by Activated Eco are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

No breaking, rusting, they don’t hold heat in the sun, made from marine grade stainless steel, even guaranteed not to corrode in salt environments. That will for sure be put to the test at my place as we live on canal waters and everything rusts with the salt air.

Silver Stainless Steel Pegs by Activated Eco

These pegs are honestly one of the best kept secrets that everyone should know about. Comes in a three different colours and sold in a varied quantities, including rose gold, rainbow and silver. I have the basic silver pack of 60 though I may even buy another lot for those extra large laundry days. Made in Australian with a lifetime warranty certainly a well worth investment in my opinion.

No more breakages

2 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Why You Will Never Go Back

  1. If my plastic and wooden pegs ever go to Peggy heaven, I’ll consider these metal ones. In the meantime I’m not sending my pegs off to the landfill. I’ve had the plastic for 20 years (occasional breaks) and the wooden ones longer. The trick is to take the pegs off the line when the clothes are dry. 😉

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