Raw Caramel Slice

imageRaw Desserts are an easy way to enjoy something sweet without opting for a sugary treat. ‘Raw’ meaning uncooked/unheated and using unprocessed ingredients so free from refined sugars and flours. A healthier approach to eating sweets and desserts.

Majority of recipes are vegan too which means free from dairy and animal derived products, making ‘Raw’ desserts perfect for  people suffering dairy and gluten intolerance. Or if like me like to cut our refined sugar in your diet.

This recipe is a sure winner in my home. It tastes amazing and you only need a small piece to feel like you aren’t missing out on the fun stuff! It has to be kept in the fridge or better the freezer as it will go soft. I like to slice into portions and freeze them in a container making it easier to grab one out and in only a couple minutes be ready with my afternoon cuppa.

Raw Caramel Slice   Recipe by Donna Hay

*Note: I used Rice Malt Syrup instead of Maple Syrup

**Contains nuts

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