After much procrastinating I have taken the leap and started my very own blog. As much as it is daunting it is also exciting, I have pondered over this for some time now and think its probably a good time in my life to start. I am a wife and a mum of three energetic, enthusiastic, boisterous boys. One school aged, one preschool aged and a toddler and like most mums find it hard to keep up with them, the house  and everything else that comes with the SAHM tag,  let alone their eating habits.

Over the last  few years we have made some lifestyle changes food wise and boy has it been a excellent move. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst I was pregnant with the second son and it rocked our world, 5 years on she is in remission and loving life to the max. Its only after her sickness I began to research, read, collect advice from doctors and really delve into what’s really in our foods and it was a real eye opener. I began to change my cooking and what I bought from the store, kids snacks,  lunches etc. and so many advantages we have gained from this. The kids and also our behaviour, moods, energy all improved. Myself  and my husband lost a considerable amount of weight  (over a period of time) Our energy levels are way up and overall happiness in our home. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all rainbows and flowers there is still temper tantrums, chaos, fighting, arguing and plain right stressful days were you just want to run away to sit on a beach and forget the world you left behind, but that’s anyone we all have bad days especially with kids right? And yes they are still kids. It would be unrealistic to expect them to be perfect all the time.

Above all it is our inner health that I’m most focused on building strong healthy minds & bodies from the inside out. Getting back to eating REAL food not processed quick easy meals that the supermarket seem to market so enticingly. That meaning, eliminating preservatives, artificial colours & flavours and additives packed in processed foods and my biggest peeve added refined sugars in food which seem to be added to everything these days. Luckily people are catching on to this and there has been a steady change in some products with supermarkets stocking healthier range of health foods which only could ever be once bought at a health food store. Getting back to basics and eating real fresh food again it’s not a diet or the latest craze its about a different approach on how  we look at food. What we are really eating and most of all it CAN be easy and delicious!

On my blog I will share recipes and tips and what works for me and my family and encouraging others to make some change big or small whatever works for you. I am not a nutritionist  I am a home cook with a love of cooking and healthy eating and would love to share it with others. It’s not about making perfect meals every night but about making better choices and enjoying delicious home cooked food, to fuel our bodies to be the best we can be.

Happy Cooking!


6 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Your such an inspiration to many , especially to me. You have worked so hard to change your life style and that of your family . I often use your recipes and their simple and easy to follow and always so delicious . Congrats caz, on your latest venture and all the best
    Yes, happy cooking , Caz .

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  2. Caroline …. you look AMAZING. Congratulations to you Girlfriend! Your motivation, drive, determination and perseverance is to be commended on many levels. I have enjoyed reading your BLOG…. open, integral, relatable, real, inspirational, informative and written with true passion. And WOW the recipes look truly delicious. All credit to you. Sign me up!
    Deb XX


    1. Thank you for your kind words Deb. I’m so glad you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. It means a lot, love hearing response from readers. Thanks again xx


    2. You can sign up by email to be notified of when a new post has been published if you haven’t already. link on the home page or below. xx


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